26-27 October 2021

Writing Rules

  • Microsoft Office Word and The Times New Roman font (Font Size 12) must be used for papers.  However, the font size 10 must be used for writing abstract, footnotes, tables and bibliography.
  • Top, bottom, left and right margins of the page must be 2.5 cm. Header and footer space must be 1, 25 cm.
  • There should not be space among paragraphs that is written in single line spacing; indentation: 0 cm, spacing: initially 6 nk - following: 6 nk. 
  • Text of paper should not go beyond 15 pages.
  • Heading; In capital letters, bold and centered. Name and surname must be written under heading as justified on both sides. At the unnumbered footnote (asterisk-star) which is at the bottom of the page academic title; institution and e-mail adress should be written respectively.
  • Following heading and writer’s name; abstract which is written in Turkish and in English Language with Font Size 10 and must be between 600-700 words. Keywords must be indicated in Turkish and in English. At least three keywords are expected to be written.
  • If the abstract is in English, the title and profession of the author must be written in same language under abstract.
  •  Photo, drawing, graphics, map etc. visual materials must be defined as figures and they must be referred in text to determine where to use them. Each figure must have a separate number, explanation and reference with Font Size 10. Descriptions of figures must be written at the bottom and description of tables must be written at the top. (Ex: Figure 1. Children Climbing Mount Ağrı (Kaya, 2003) / Table 1. Ağrı Province Temperature Distributions (2003-2020)).
  • Images in the text should be understandable, explicit and clear.
  • APA format is to be used in citation and the bibliography. For this, the facilities provided by the text editors can be used. Click for more detailed APA spelling rules.